Food Safety & Sustainability

Consalo Family Farms maintains a constant commitment to the customer. This includes a constant commitment to food safety. The ever-changing nature of the industry requires our staff to constantly update and implement the newest and best policies. Employees at all levels are trained so that all personnel can contribute to the overall food safety of the organization.

Both internal and third-party audits are a part of our food safety program. These audits are performed in the fields, cooling facilities and distribution facilities. Audits monitor water, pest control, record keeping, sanitation, hygiene policies, harvest practices, food defense and more. Third party audits are completed by Primus GFS, recognized by GFSI: the Global Food Safety Initiative. The rigorous guidelines required by Primus are used at Consalo Family Farms on a day-to-day basis.

The Consalo family is also proud to incorporate sustainable practices in daily farming operations— materials and water conservation, green building implementation and more. Consalo Family Farms received the Environmental Stewardship Award from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for voluntary efforts to improve the environment. Our organization was recognized for hazardous materials reduction, water use reduction, and materials conservation. To learn more about our sustainability practices and goals, contact us today.