The orange is a tropical to semitropical fruit that is round with finely textured skin. Oranges grow on small trees, about five to eight meters tall. The fruit itself measures about three inches in diameter. Oranges are classified into two general categories, sweet and bitter, and come in differe...


Limes are roughly spherical in shape, and their diameter ranges from three to six centimeters. When limes are harvested, they have a green, thin, and porous peel. Fully mature limes usually appear yellow, similar to the color of a lemon. Limes contain an acidic-like juice. Scientists are currently...


Lemons can be produced year round in the right climate. A single lemon tree can produce between five and six hundred pounds of lemons in one year. The fruit is oval and the peel is usually light yellow, though some lemons have stripes of green and white. Some lemons are seedless, but most have a few...


The exterior of a clementine is a deep orange color with a smooth, glossy appearance. The fruit is typically juicy and sweet and is less acidic than an orange. Clementines are sometimes known as seedless tangerines. As you probably expected, just like oranges, clementines contain Vitamin C.  Bet...

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