Gold Kiwi


Gold kiwi is an oval fruit, and the stem ends in a blunted point. Gold kiwi has bronze toned, smooth, hairless skin. The golden flesh is dotted with edible black seeds. The flavor of a gold kiwi is sweet and has tropical notes much like mango and pineapple. The entire Gold kiwi fruit is edible. Gold kiwi is less acidic than regular kiwi and therefore can be used as a replacement for kiwi in many recipes.

Gold kiwi offers many of the same health benefits that regular kiwi fruit does. In addition, research shows that gold kiwi can assist in child growth, reduce fatigue, and be a source of great nutrition for pregnant mothers.


Temperature:Gold kiwi can be maintained at the same temperature as regular kiwi fruit. They are best maintained at a temperature of 32-33 degrees. They can be kept at room temperature, but only for several days.

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