A grape is a fruiting berry that grows in a cluster. Grapes feature semi-translucent flesh encased inside smooth, thin skin. Some varieties contain edible seeds. Others are seedless. Grapes get their coloring from polyphenolic pigments. These colors include crimson, black, dark blue, green, pink, and more.

There are around 8000 varieties of grapes. They contain low levels of cholesterol, sodium and fat and are rich in vitamins K and C. Grapes are low in calories because they contain 80% water. Grape seeds are a source of antioxidants as well.


Temperature:Grapes stay fresh at temperatures between 30 and 32 degrees. Ideally, they should be put in the refrigerator for storage. For a broader temperature range, grapes can be kept fresh for up to 7 days, as long as they remain under 41 degrees.

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