Green Bean


Green beans are also referred to as string beans. There are more than 130 varieties that differ in taste and color. Each green bean ‘pod’ contains four to six beans. These beans are smooth in texture and are kidney-shaped. Green beans must be cooked before consumption. This vegetable grows in the form of a bush that can reach up to twenty inches in height.

Recent studies have shown that canned green beans lose about one-third of their phenolic compounds during the canning process. So, it is better to consume fresh green beans for full nutritional benefits. Research comparing the overall antioxidant capacity of green beans to other foods in the pea and bean families has found that green beans come out on top. The antioxidant carotenoids in this vegetable are diverse and include lutein, beta-carotene, violaxanthin, and neoxanthin.


Temperature:Green beans are best stored between 41 and 46 degrees.

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